GAMEHEX, fully developed by us located at Al Kout mall. GAMEHEX is a 370 meter squared Entertainment center that includes our signature drifting simulators, virtual reality experiences fit for ages 7 and above, a real full sized car converted into a motion racing simulator, the only one of its kind in the Middle East, and a 360 motion VR ride.

Gravity VR 360 is the most intense virtual reality ride in the Middle East, a three person ride that moves and rotates 360 degrees while watching a VR movie giving the players a unique one of a kind experience. GAMEHEX also includes a Horror VR Experience, and top of the line online gaming stations for clients to enjoy all their favourite online games.


Capsule VEC was our first Virtual Reality Centre extablished in 2017. It is the result of 2 years of development and 7 years experience in the market. Capsule VEC has now moved to a much bigger location in Salmiyah part of our new shop Hangar.

Capsule VEC included:

  • Top of the line, motion VR Racing Simulators, including a Formula 1 Simulator.
  • Motion VR Flight Simulators, simulating a Cessna and an F-18 Hornet fighter jet.
  • VR standup stations where the player can choose from over 25 games to play, from gun shooting, boxing, bow and arrow and many others.
  • Exclusive multiplayer VR games to play and compete with friends.
  • Top of the line online PC gaming stations.

License to Drift

License to Drift is a game developed by us and is the only one of its kind in the world. A network game which the player chooses a car and starts drifting, racing and cruising around the streets of Kuwait with his friends. The game is suitable and enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages and skill level.


License to Drift is the highest selling arcade game at every location! The game has very high replay-ability with many clients playing the game on a daily basis.


Our latest project, an entertainment center in Salmiyah with an area of 1,080 meters squared. The center is located right beside the American University of Kuwait and is targeted towards university students and adults with a posh interior design which includes all kinds of social games and a restaurant.

Hangar includes:

  • A full fledged restaurant with a seating area for around 25 people with a view overlooking the university and the sea side.
  • Top of the line billiard tables, air hockey, foosball tables and arcade games.
  • Augmented Reality dart stations, the only one of its kind in the Middle East
  • Top of the line racing simulators, VR stations and online gaming PCs

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