Real Estate


The retail and commercial real estate sector has been booming in the current Kuwaiti market. So, from national and international retail real estate operations to executing long and short-term commercial property strategies, our wide range of services cover everything.

With us, you can now search for, get expert advice on, and facilitate the management and operation of your commercial and retail properties with zero hassle. Depending on your needs, we can also assist you in finding the ideal office space that will house your company and its divisions.


Would you like to rent out a property you own? No problem! We can make that happen as well. If you work with us, our reliable leasing agent will help you approve a tenant of your choosing, prepare and sign the appropriate lease, and ensure proper execution of the contract.

Additionally, our agent can facilitate the necessary exchange of information between you and your tenants to ensure the continued well-being of your rental properties.

Besides these services, our company also provides leasing opportunities to tenants in our own beautiful rental constructions.

If you’re searching for a home to buy or wish to put up your homes for sale, there is no one better to assist you in the process than MAS Grand.


Our real estate agents provide the highest standards of consultation and sales solutions, allowing you to sell and buy your homes at acceptable prices. Moreover, since we deal only in the best residential projects in prime locations, our services are bound to match the global standards of the market.